Our Story

Slide nos storia Our Story For more than three decades, La Quinta Beach Resort has been welcoming timeshare vacationers from all over the world. As time progresses, priorities change. A major rethinking of our company’s plans and strategy resulted in a drastic transformation of our resort into a Certifiable Environmental-Friendly Organization.

Today, we do not only pride ourselves on being a small, friendly and relaxing vacation alternative on the stunning Eagle Beach strip. We keep reinventing ourselves, evolving, and making our resort, our island, our world, a better place.

Our Resort

“La Quinta” means The Fifth, but instead of the initial plan to construct a five building hotel, our boutique vacation ownership resort strives to remain sustainable while appealing to all the five senses.

La Quinta Beach Resort features 54 comfortable suites overlooking tropical gardens, or the stunning Eagle Beach, and is comprised of two buildings. The first is located on the oceanfront, referred to as the Moro Building — Moro being a giant rock resting in the clear waters of the secluded Boca Keto beach. The second establishment, right across the street from the first, is named after the impressive Casibari rock formations. An ode to our island, Aruba’s flora and fauna is being celebrated all around with suites named after local birds, environment-friendly practices and nature loving guests.

La Quinta Beach Resort has been rated #1 in friendliness and professionalism within the hoteling industry of Aruba in a survey done by Aruban Tourism Authority (ATA) in 2016.

Our Commitment

The island of Aruba is our home and our business, we have the obligation to protect it.

Although the main focus of any resort is to maximize revenue and earn profits, the ongoing renovations at La Quinta Beach Resort indicate an enhancement of both, property and vision. Our transformation into a certifiable Eco-Friendly Organization will elevate our resort’s quality of lodging, offering a more attractive, sustainable, efficient and environmentally responsible option to preserve and upgrade our island.

By working in partnership with local communities as part of our local community commitment policy, La Quinta Beach Resort supports local NGO’s Aruba’s Turtle Protection Program and Aruba Birdlife Conservation to promote the preservation of our flora and fauna, and create awareness amongst our employees and our guests.