The Resort

General resort information to make your stay in Aruba at the La Quinta Beach Resort as smooth and worry-free as possible.


Weekly Member Meetings

Monday Morning at 10:00 AM
Management conducts a weekly Members’ Briefing at the Cosmo Rossi Lounge for members in residence at the resort.

Any Board Members in residence at the resort will also be at the meeting.

These meetings have proven to be very successful. The meetings provide an excellent opportunity for members to be brought up-to-date with innovations and plans at the resort.

They also provide a forum for questions, concerns, and suggestions that provide vital feedback to the administrative staff at the resort. Coffee and apple pie are served.


The Big Switch

Check-In – 4:00 PM
Check-Out – 11:00 AM

Saturday is an insane day at the resort (and at all the other timeshares on the island). You know the drill – you need to be out by 11:00 am, but you can’t get in til 4:00 pm.

How can you help
Send an email to the resort at the week before your arrival that includes:

The date and time of your arrival
The weeks and units you will be residing in
The date and time of your departure
This information will help management to create a priority list.

Voice Mail System

When the reception desk closes at 11:00 pm, the voice mail system is activated. In order for a caller to access your voicemail, he must know the suite number. Let people at home know the extension number which is your suite number.

To access the system and retrieve your message, Dial 555, then dial 7 to listen to your message. To delete your message, key in 3. Call the operator if you need assistance.

Dial 555, then dial 7 to listen to your message. To delete your message, key in 3. Call the operator to assist

Upon check-in, make sure your room phone is turned on. As usual, out-going calls can be made at any time. Phone use instructions are provided in the guest services book which is in every room.


As a convenience to you, La Quinta now has a Postbox which is located in front of the Members’ Lounge and is provided by the Local Postal Services. Mail is picked up three (3) times a week, which means you don’t have to leave the hotel to send cards, letters or any other mail and they reach their destination much quicker. Stamps are available at the Front Desk.