Rental Program

Download the printable rental form and fax or mail it to us. Unfortunately we can not accept email forms because we need an authorized signature.

­>>Click here to download the Rental Program Form<<

Guidelines to the Rental Program of La Quinta Beach Resort.

      1.  The Resort’s Reservations Department will administer the Rental Program.
      2. All Rental Program submissions must be placed in writing and signed by the owner.
      3. The unit must be free of any outstanding maintenance fees or penalties at the time of submission to the Rental Program.
      4. Fax or mail completed and signed form to the Resort at least ninety (90) days before the start of the interval to be rented. Submit one form for each unit and the relevant week owned.
      5. All units will be placed on the appropriate priority list based upon the date of submission. Categories for rental are: Studio, One-bedroom, Two-bedroom, and Three-Bedroom
      6. Your submission will be assigned on a priority basis for rental in the order received for each week. There is a priority list for each category.
      7. Rooms will be offered and rented by category and week – not by unit number. Therefore your unit number is insignificant in this Rental Program.
      8. La Quinta Beach Resort will obtain the best possible rate for the rental unit. The rate will be the rack rate for non-members. Resort Owners will receive a twenty-five (25%) percent discount off the rack rate.
      9. Seventy-five (75%) percent of the revenue derived from the unit rented will be distributed directly to the Owner/Member whose week was rented. The remaining twenty-five (25%) percent of the proceeds will be retained by the Association.
      10. The Owner/Member will be paid his portion within one hundred and twenty (120) days after the rental.
      11. Weeks submitted to the Rental Program will NOT be available for deposit with Interval International.
      12. Weeks submitted to the Rental Program will NOT be available for banking at the Resort.
      13. If the Resort has rented the unit, the Member may NOT take it back to use it.
      14. If the Resort has not rented the unit 30 days before the interval dates, the Member may remove it from the Rental Program in order to use it personally or to deposit it for exchange with Interval International. The unit cannot be banked with the Resort after this time.
      15. If a unit it removed from the Rental Program, it will not be placed again in the Rental Program for that calendar year.
      16. If the Resort does not rent a unit in behalf of the Member, the Member will receive NO payment.