Keep yourself updated with what's going in Aruba and of course with what's going on right here at La Quinta Beach Resort.


DIMAS announces tourism stay over policy changes

The government has recently introduced changes in the policy regarding tourism stay over on the island. The Department of DIMAS has recently published a bulletin informing the public of these changes. A tourist is anyone visiting Aruba to relax, do sport, for medical purposes, to visit family or friends, for religious ...


Paver Project Phase I Completed

The pavers project was nothing compared to any work done before here at the resort. It was done during high season, inconvenienced many members, but now that it is completed it looks very nice. To be frankly it was an outrages amount of work but ...


Less Than Ten Days Left On The February Only Special

As the month of February started we informed all our members and guests that our resale units will be offered on a discounted price. The February Only Special is less than ten days away from coming to an end. The list below has been updated so that members, guests and potential ...


Resale Special for February Only Update

As announce at the beginning of the month. February may be known for its symbolism with love and  hearts and reds and pinks, but it’s also known as Carnival month in Aruba. Management of La Quinta Beach Resort has given you one more reason to celebrate in February. To celebrate the month ...