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La Quinta Members Honored as Emerald Ambassadors of Aruba

LQBR-Honoring--April-22---2015Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a group of guests who are loyal and friendly visitors of Aruba, as Emerald Ambassadors, at La Quinta Beach Resort. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for 35-or-more consecutive years. The honorees were Mr. Richard and Mrs. Rhonda Barber of New Hampshire and Mrs. Joan Yanni from New York.

These wonderful loyal visitors were awarded with elegant commemorative Emerald Coins and of course their Emerald Ambassadors’ Certificates, honoring their respective 40 and 35 consecutive years visiting the island. The honorees are loyal members of the La Quinta Beach Resort, and they love Aruba for the friendly people, the weather, the beaches and the restaurants. They all agree that Aruba is truly “One Happy Island.”

The certificates were presented by Mrs. Darline S. de Cuba of the Aruba Tourism Authority in the presence of Resort Manager Enrika “Ika” Arends of the La Quinta Beach Resort.


Mr. Richard and Mrs. Rhonda Barber


Mrs. Joan Yanni


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